Now here is another fantastic musician I had the pleasure of meeting at Southsea Fest- Archie Langley and his friend and current co-artist/performer, Ben Kirk. This Tom Odell sounding two piece are the perfect mix.

I was shocked to discover Archie had only started performing live in April 2016!! That as a fact on it’s own is insane, his voice has so much depth and distinction you’d never believe it. Mariner Records must also have believed it however, managing to bag themselves the wonderful Archie only 3 weeks after he began gigging!

He started performing at open mic nights and was lucky enough to catch the eye- or should I say ear, of a talent scout with fantastic taste. He’s performed so far at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth this year as well as being featured on BBC Introducing Solent who refer to his new single “Magpie” as ‘one of the most beautiful songs you will hear this year It’s an outstanding Debut.

Archie currently has his EP “Magpie” available to buy and download on Itunes-


(Image Courtesy of Itunes)

So tell me a little bit about yourself?

“Well I’m a full time barman, and I’m from Hailing Island”

We then enjoyed chatting about the downsides to living on our little quaint rocks, as my family home is currently The Isle of Wight. Before going on to talk about his EP”Magpie”-

“Well I released it on August 30th and it’s done pretty well, it’s been featured on BBC’s Introducing several times and was recorded at Quay West Studios- who are absolutely fantastic, Benjamin Marks is nothing but a great guy and producer.”

Is there anything new that we can look forward to?

“Well I’ve got a new single on it’s way, it’s so far unnamed, but we’re toying around with the idea of ‘blue and white stripes’ maybe, who knows.”

(Photo provided by @patsiesthoughtkitchen)

I wish Archie nothing but the best for 2017, it was a pleasure to meet him and I can’t wait see him perform again in the near future. I cannot thank him enough for being my first awkward interviewee of the day. He was a true gentleman 


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