Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles..

(Photo of Myself and Billy courtesy of @patsiesthoughtkitchen)

So I had the pleasure of being introduced to the wonderful Billy Bibby- former guitarist and founder of the Indie British rock band: Catfish and The Bottlemen. He was wonderfully charming and happy to chat, very keen to discuss his latest venture- as of Autumn 2015 he became the front-man and lead rhythm guitarist of Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles; a four-piece British Indie band made up of himself, Rob Jones, Matt Thomas, and Mike Pearce.

bibby2(Image courtesy of Facebook via-

They released their debut single “Waitin’ for You” on 3 November 2015, with their first live show together  few weeks later at Telford’s Warehouse in Chester. Southsea Fest was their last festival of the year, with Bibby citing the newly formed band and getting into a nice rhythm together as a reason for delay in releasing new content and touring. Speaking of which, this fantastic band will hopefully be on tour early next year, with a new single in the pipelines.

When asked about the best event he had performed at this year he replied– “We played at Coastline Festival, in Whitby, as support for a cracking band called 10CC, which was an amazing experience”

I followed it up with an inquiry about how he felt this year, considering how different things  are now, compared to back in 2014.

“Well I’m happy doing my own thing, I’m enjoying being the singer and playing rhythm, I prefer it to how things were as lead guitar for Catfish.”

 So where did the name originate from, it’s pretty different?

“Well honestly it’s an odd one, our bass player was the reason behind it I guess. It’s taken from the lyrics of a Frank Turner song.”

So it was lovely talking to Billy, however I had one last question to ask: Billy, odd one I know but, If you were a Jimmy Hendrix song what song would you be?

“Haha, that’s a fun one, I guess it’s got to be Voodoo Child”

Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles were a fantastic band to talk to, let alone watch. They truly shone at Southsea Festival and with their latest single “Are You Ready?” being broadcast on many up and coming radio shows, along with many independent stations, I’m hoping 2017 will be their year. It was an honor talking to Billy.



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