An Indie rock band, composed of; John Whittle, Jamie Foster, Lew Barker & Dan Harding. Originating from Portsmouth, self described as “an unstoppable rhythm section, edgy vocals and driving guitars they have a heavyweight modern sound with a hint of 90s Britpop for good measure.” I instantly thought, a lighter Kasabian yet a darker Kaiser Chiefs- with hints of Two Door Cinema Club- a fantastic mix. They were wonderful to chat with, happily accepting me waffling away about finding this hard whilst sober, they were refreshing yet crazyily down to earth, lovely guys. I wish them all the luck in the world for 2017, I can’t wait to see them again live!

The Bayonettes rockin’ it out- photo taken @patsiesthoughtkitchen

So guys, what’s the name about and how did you form? 

“There’s not really a story to tell, it was pretty random and we all liked it. We started the band in 2013, we’ve been up and down the country ever since; performing at gigs and all sorts.”

What’s the plan for next year?

“It’s the end of the festival season now, we’ve really enjoyed sharing ‘Generation’ with the world, but we’re winding down, planning on meeting over Christmas as prep . We want to release a new EP later on next year, our current one we’ve actually just got a new video up on our Facebook page that you can check out now.”

So if you were a Hendrix song, which one would you be?

“That’s a collective toughy- it’s got to be ‘All Along The Watchtower’, funnily enough Jamie has a Hendrix themed guitar tattoo.”

Myself with the wonderful Bayonettes-photo taken @patsiesthoughtkitchen

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