So the 8th November is fast approaching, to the average Brit it’s just another day if they’ve been hiding under a rock- But to America and the wider population it’s the Presidential Election. The day of Governmental reckoning.

Gif courtesy of Pintrest user guitarking4ever. A prime example of how some see the Government.

Clinton Vs Trump. Otherwise seen as Nope Vs Noper to most Americans, a battle between the embodiment of everything that’s wrong  and corrupt within the US Government and everything that’s wrong with US culture and viewpoints. To me it’s a terrifying ordeal and I’m still pledging #MichelleObama2k20 (I can dream). 

See, I want to jump up and down and preach how fantastic Hillary is, but I cant bring myself to lie. She’s a fantastic advocate for so many different rights; LGBT, Women, Children, the minorities- but no matter how I try to dress things up, I cannot ignore the irrevocable evidence that she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Totally what I see in my mind when I think about the election.. Gif courtesy of
Trump on the other hand- what you see is what you get. He’s a liar, a self-proclaimed racist, a total bigot and the biggest misogynist I think I’ve ever had the displeasure to hear speak- and I cannot even begin to believe how this utter wank-job was allowed to even run for Presidency in the beginning, let alone get this far?!

image courtesy of
Democrats and Republican’s alike, the general consensus is that none of them can understand that out of the millions of American’s available, the candidacy selection was allowed to be whittled down to Hillary and Donald. It’s the most hyped election since Obama- but for very different reasons. However, it will be the lowest turn out in years, down to one thing alone; the depressed and repressed voter.

image courtesy of showing the differences between Democrats and Republicans.
Bernie Sanders was the Democrats love child- the perfect candidate, the millennials adored him, he was ‘hip and trendy’ without trying. Hillary on the other hand, tries far too hard to net in every minority voter; Trump has alienated most non-white voters, and any women with common sense, including well educated millennials, who are old enough to see just how corrupt Clinton supposedly is. And what a monster Trump is.

Instead of excitedly queuing up to vote next week for the candidate of their choice, most won’t bother to get time off of work, or to brave the weather- let alone bring people with them and share in their hype. They loathe the fact that the one person they believed was good enough to represent their vote, is no longer in the running, and they hate that they’re stuck between the rock and the hard-place that is Hillary and Trump. So most will choose to not vote out of spite.

So I say; Goodluck America!

#feelthebern at one stage was a top trending hashtag…Image courtesy of

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