December is finally here, and I’m a mere ’15 sleeps’ away from completing my first semester at Uni. It’s been a hell of a ride- from car crashes to monumental finance fuck-ups- but I’ve survived and I’m genuinely looking forward second term.


My friends, who were quick to leave home, are now longing to return, for a break and ‘homely comforts’ that they’ve grown to expect. My own experience was one of torture- ask my parents, they’re still claiming to have severe ‘abandonment issues’, they’ll definitely agree that this has been horrific.




You see, I have wonderful Helicopter Parents.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 14.16.39.png
Kindly defined above, thanks to Google





The only way they’ve been even moderately sedated by this whole dreadful experience, is through the wonders of modern technology. Each night we sit on FaceTime working away whilst chatting, or cooking dinner together; for me, It’s the only thing that’s kept me remotely sane.


I think I’d of gone on a ferocious, hormone driven killing spree by now without my parental safety net. My phone records will show just how erratic the last 3 months have been- from at least 2 calls a day, sometimes almost 15. Even at the start of this week when I had a mini-breakdown.

My breakdown was practically Britney 2007 Style

The first thing they said was “do what makes you happy”. Followed by “What does your tenancy agreement say, can you leave!?”.


Moving away from home and my family, has been both eye-opening and stressful, but going back every other weekend and Facetiming  day- we’ve made it through. And I wouldn’t want our relationship to be any other way.


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