As parenthood blogs go, The Part-time Working Mummy is right at the top of the list for ones to regularly follow. She has a way of captivating her audience and drawing your attention in, no matter the subject; from bird watching to daytime disasters. She regularly shares content posted onto her Facebook page from other parents in the same boat, who all have hilarious and sympathetic stories to tell. She’s a mother to 3 girls and stepmother to 2 boys, all of which are the reasoning behind her blog and her social media sites, which fill the world with fantastically witty anecdotes and parenting sins and revelations.

Credit: Part Time Working Mummy facebook page.

There are many parenting blogs out there, however her’s stands out- she’s gone viral a few times for vulnerable individuals coming to her for support, to share their stories in a safe environment. Her style is unique, whatever you read will leave you in tears (laughter or sadness), but she does a fantastic job of engaging with her readership with (currently) 237,036 followers on Facebook alone, she connects with people on many different emotional levels.

Credit: Part Time Working Mummy facebook page


Her book is in the best seller list and features her best parenting woes and wins from her blog, It’s raised awareness and has made previously taboo subjects acceptable to talk about; miscarriage, abuse, financial struggles or just general life issues. She uses heartfelt images, regular family updates and multimedia content such as screen shots from those who have gotten in contact, along with taboo language in order to do so.


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