Why 2017 will be the worst year EVER for well loved old people in the public eye.

2016 was a devastating whirlwind of celebrity death- from the beloved cult classics like Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher and Frank Kelly all the way through to super stars like Bowie and Prince. From start to finish death ravaged through some of our most acclaimed and globally adored individuals, and it can only get worse from here. The faces we grew up enjoying as kids are all slowly getting older with us, but as we hit our 20’s and 30’s, they’re all gradually slipping into their 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. We can hope and pray that our favourites will live forever, but death is inevitable and no matter how many locked doors we hide them behind, we can’t stop time.

deathArtist Chris Barker reimagined the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover to include the celebrities who died in 2016 CREDIT: CHRIS BARKER / @CHRISTHEBARKER

Many are speculating as to who will be next on the Reaper’s list as we head further into January, Om Puri (Best known for East is East and The Hundred Foot Journey) sadly passed on January 6th, kickstarting the beginning of dreaded list of those gone but not forgotten.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.20.48.png
Image courtesy of the Deathlist.com. Showing from 1-19 of this years list. 

Sites are popping up left right and centre, with polls and bets being placed as to who will ‘kick it’ this year, with Death Poll correctly predicting 14/50 deaths for 2016. For the most it has to be guess work, and calculations based on their ages and current state of health- Her Majesty currently features due to an unwelcome spate of illness landing her in the spotlight. In the end it comes down to the luck of the draw and life, we can’t change these factors, we just have to accept their inevitability- but we can sure as hell tell death to fuck right off and leave David Attenborough alone!


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