Q&A on what it’s like to start a small business..

Photo of the new counter top: Credit: SailorSarah
  1. How long has Indulge Me been up and running?

K: Indulge Me happened as we initially fell in love with the idea of handcrafting bath products about 5/6 years ago, but it’s something we didn’t really pursue until March 2016- when I got the ingredients and equipment for my birthday. But with my partners ill health, it was again put on the back burner, we were lucky enough to find our little unit in the Victoria Arcade and open before Christmas.

2.  What’s your aim?

K: Our aim is basically to create affordable and natural products that are suitable for everyone. John has really bad psoriasis, due to his medical conditions and we find it really hard to buy products that don’t set off his skin. We describe ourselves as family of canaries, and so far we haven’t developed a product that we cannot use. We want to be 100% officially Vegan certified by the end of the year, all of our ingredients are high quality, natural and cruelty free and its something we want to promote.

3. What’s your favourite product so far and why?

K: Rainbow Magic for definite, it’s about 6 different colours and fragrances, and it was named via a Facebook competition- we had the most adorable 9 year old come up with the name and it’s such a customer favourite, it’s a major pain to make but it’s worth it.

4.  What’s your next step?

K: Now that would be telling, business is very dog-eat-dog, but I’m looking into exploring more of the ‘cosmetics’ side of things.

Photo of our door window- Cosmetics by name

5.  Has it really been an easy ride, like you’ve portrayed on your social media pages?

K: Well nothing in life is easy, you’ve always got to work as hard as you can. It’s definitely been hard at times, John’s MS has been a big limiter to him, he’s been a professional builder and decorator for almost 30 years and to not be able to do the things he used to is really hard for him. It’s also been fun managing a hormonal teenage boy through his GCSE exams, along with a highly inquisitive 7 year old. Along with supporting our eldest through her first year at uni. Playing family and establishing yourself as a brand is complicated. We were all at the new shop until 1am on Friday preparing it for the opening the following day, it’s those kind of things people don’t see. The countless hours we devote to making things picture perfect and ready, we felt obliged to open for when we promised we would. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.






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