Social Media Spat- Feminist viewpoints

spat 1
Credit: The Tab, featuring Kennedy’s article

Two weeks ago it all went down on The Tab’s social media site. An article published by a local Portsmouth Uni student attracted backlash for supposedly ‘encouraging society to view women as purely sex objects’. #Itoldmummy went from a harmless life/opinion piece on working as a ‘Dirty Disco Girl’ into a full blown argument concerning feminism and morals in this day and age.

It started with a derogatory comment from an unrelated male, purely for the ‘likes’, but it got steadily worse as another decided to lend her opinion to the mix. Others were quick to leap to the original posters defence.

With comments pouring in defending her morals, and opposing the critical comments made by Potter. One that stood out was Kieran Nall’s, its sarcastic and facetious tone, jousting about dinosaur costumes and insinuating Miss Potter’s statement was rather prehistoric.

When asked about how the comments had affected her decision to share her views, Tab writer Kennedy said  “It’s ridiculous that we get slammed for being body confident yet beauty companies today are trying to promote body confidence”

The article itself, was supposedly a light hearted option piece, praising how society has changed, and how in the 21st contrary women should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies, as Kennedy herself stated, it’s pretty shocking that on a daily basis advertising companies bombard us with comments promoting ‘body confidence’, yet publicly its fellow women that decide to slam and attack our appearance and opinions for their own self gratification. The only silver lining came as a handful of knights in shining armour, who decided rather than to ‘feed the trolls’, they would make banter out of the situation, which seemed to stem the flow of hatred and narcism.


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